Wolfs Bodymagic - Bodypainting

These are the stunning naked bodies of talented womenand men who´ll, enchanted by the magic bodypainting of Wolf Reicherter, take you on a journey into, or give you a glimps of magical worlds above and beneath the human plain. Whimsical creatures and beautyfull spirits made visible through the modern scorcery bodypainting, Ultra Violett lights and colors.

Since the beginning of man in dark pretimes, humans were determind to grow past their own potential and gain access tothe worlds of spirits, ghosts and gods. Adorned with the hides, horns and furr of killed animals, painted with the colors motherearth provided, the shaman and medicin man became the guide of his people between these different worlds. Bodypainting was invented.

A special form of bodypainting

In 1998 Wolf Reicherter became directly involved with bodypainting art for the first time. Soon after this, his first living work ofart was created. In the same year he got intrigued with UV-colorsand bodypainting from this combination of passions BodyMagic was born. During the last seven years Wolf Reicherter continuied to exploreand develop the medium and his style, creating painting afterpainting. Elaborate works of art, destined to only last a few hours.